Rubee Tuesdays at the Laugh Factory with Weedmaps x STIIIZY

So, guess what went down at the famous Laugh Factory? An epic night that rolled together giggles, gags, and, of course, the green goodness! Yup, it was Rubee Tuesdays. Thanks to the brilliant minds at Weedmaps, the Laugh Factory flung its doors wide open for an infused night of comedy. Let's not forget the star host – Ruben Paul. Man, can he bring the house down! And he brought along a squad of comedy kings and queens that had us holding our sides.

Now, jokes and laughter are cool, but you know what makes a comedy night even more unforgettable? Partnering it up with some top-notch cannabis! That’s where we, STIIIZY, hopped in. We teamed up with one of our best buds (pun intended), Weedmaps, and together, we brought a touch of green magic to this laugh fest.

The main attraction? Our pod sampling bar. Right there, attendees got a quick lesson about our latest product – the AIO line. FYI, AIO stands for All-In-One Disposable THC Pens. Yep, you heard it right, all-in-one! This means no mess, no fuss. Just pure, uninterrupted fun. Check them out right here.

And then came the taste test. Guests had a blast comparing the AIO with our classic OG Pod line. The flavors were flying left and right! There was the zesty Sour Diesel, the punchy Sour Tangie, and the electrifying Blue Burst. But wait, drumroll, please... The superstar of the night was Apple Fritter. People just couldn’t get enough of it!

The comedy lineup? It was jam-packed with legends. Trevor Wallace and Adam Ray had everyone in splits. Chris Spencer's quick wit was on fire. Amir K's jokes? Simply hilarious. And guess who closed the show? Wendy Cummings! She wasn't just the cherry on top; she was the whole sundae. What an end to a fantastic night!

It wasn't just the guests who had a blast. Even the artists weren't left behind. After they gave us endless laughs and unforgettable moments, we wanted to give them something in return. So, each artist got a cool STIIIZY gift bag. Because after a night of making everyone laugh, they deserved some chill STIIIZY time.

We gotta give it up for Weedmaps for making this collaboration happen. Here’s to more fun, more laughs, and of course, more STIIIZY!