Sour Diesel Strain: Classic Potency

Sour Diesel is one of the most well-known weed strains of all time. Famous for its fuel-like aroma kissed with citrus (hence the name) and its relaxing but uplifting head high, this sativa-dominant strain is a favorite among connoisseurs. So if you’ve never smoked, dabbed, or vaped this amazing diesel weed and you like sativa, you know what to purchase during your next trip to the dispensary.   

A cannabis flower nug from the Sour Diesel strain sits against a white backdrop.

The origin and appearance of the Sour Diesel strain  

Sour Diesel, called Sour D or Sour Deez for short, was first born in the early 1990s. Most people credit a breeder named Asshole Joe (AJ for short) as the proliferator of the world-famous hybrid. Its genetics are a cross of Super Skunk and a Chemdog strain.     


Sour Diesel Strain - Infographic

Sour D has been a legendary cannabis strain since its birth, especially on the East Coast of the United States. The fact that it’s still being used in breeding projects to create other popular strains, such as Strawberry Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel, and Blueberry Sour Diesel, is a testament to its ongoing widespread popularity.  

Sour Diesel, like most sativa-dominant cultivars, grows tall and lanky. Its loose buds often have a foxtail structure with light green coloring and an extremely pungent odor. The strain’s nugs appear light green in color, with yellowish-orange hairs, and a nice coat of milky white trichomes.   

Two disposable weed pens with distillate from the Sour Diesel strain are showcased with their black, red, and green box.

Growing the Sour Diesel strain 

The strain is a bit difficult to grow and not recommended for novice cultivators. It requires top-notch topping and pruning techniques, high-intensity lighting for indoor gardens, and drier climates as it’s especially susceptible to powdery mildew. Sour Diesel typically flowers between 9 and 11 weeks, with yields reaching up to 500 grams per plant outdoors where it grows best, as the plants reach over four feet and stretch quite a bit during flowering.   


Cannabis plants from the Sour Diesel strain are roped up together in an indoor grow room with bright lights.

Sour Diesel grows best when handled by advanced growers

How does Sour Diesel smell and taste?    

Sour Diesel is named after its flavor, which boasts sour, gassy, skunky, and hints of citrus, which you’ll immediately detect when you sniff the buds. Upon consumption, the sour flavors find themselves buried under earthy fuel-like flavors, making Sour Diesel one of the most appropriately named cannabis strains of all time.  

Any presence of peppery spice in Sour Diesel’s terpene profile is owed to its caryophyllene content. The sour citrus touches come from its limonene, the plant chemical found in lemons. Myrcene imbues the nugs with their fruitier mango-ish earthy notes, while pinene, the single most common terpene in all plants, is responsible for any piney basil-like traces.   

What are Sour Diesel effects? 

With each cannabis strain, it’s important to remember that the effects we feel are individualistic experiences, dictated by our physical build, levels of tolerance, and especially our endocannabinoid system (ECS).   

That said, heady and cerebral are the first two words that come to mind (pun intended) as soon as we consider Sour Diesel’s high. Some test results have reportedly shown between 17-26% THC, 2% CBD, and possibly up to 4% CBN, spelling out guaranteed intensity. Unsurprisingly, its topmost effects described by multiple consumers often fall under three categories: energetic, uplifted, and creative.  

Premium THC weed vape pods with distillate from the Sour Diesel strain are showcased with their red and white box.

That’s why many users call it the perfect wake-and-bake weed, as it really gets you going while keeping you relaxed and motivated. Users report how it hits them with an immediate head rush upon consumption that can last for hours, delivering the energizing sensations commonly associated with sativa strains. Clearly, having “diesel” as part of this strain’s name is as much about the weed’s effects as it is about its taste.  So if you want a perfect strain for daytime fuel to power through a long to-do list, then Sour D is an excellent choice.   

When buying Sour Diesel to smoke, dab, or vape, make sure to only purchase it from legal cannabis dispensaries that sell high-quality brands. This way you’ll know you’re getting the top-tier, real-deal, Sour Diesel experience. 

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