OG Kush Strain: Legendary Classic

When it comes to having an impact on both cannabis culture and cultivation, there may be no weed strain more influential than OG Kush. Cultivated in the early 90s, OG Kush has become one of the genetic backbones of cannabis, especially on the West Coast of the United States.   

OG Kush has a dense bud structure, reminiscent of a traditional indica cannabis strain. It is light green colored, wrapped in orange hairs, and dons a flurry of milky white trichomes, evidencing its high potency and flavor potential.     

The strain is so legendary that if you’ve never tried some real deal OG, that should definitely be one of your next purchases at the dispensary.  


Here’s what you should know about the flavors and effects of one of the best-known cannabis strains of all time.  

A nug of cannabis flower from the OG Kush strain sits against a black backdrop.

The origins of the OG Kush weed strain 

OG Kush is a popular cannabis strain with a murky history, so its exact origins and genetics remain unconfirmed until this day. That said, it is most commonly believed that OG Kush was first cultivated in the early 1990s by Floridian cannabis breeder and cultivator Matt “Bubba” Berger. He then brought it to California and gave the strain to breeder Josh D, who helped master growing it, after which, he proliferated the strain throughout the Golden State.     

Eventually, OG Kush would grow to be the most popular weed strain in California, its extremely high demand coming from both connoisseurs and breeders. It’s no wonder that OG Kush is the source of so many different cultivars still sought after to this very day. OG Kush has been used in breeding projects to create many other popular cannabis strains including Tahoe OG, Headband, SFV OG, and Girl Scout Cookies.    

There has been much debate about what OG stands for. Is it ‘Ocean Grown’ or ‘Original Gangster’? It turns out, OG really just means original. The strain blew up so quickly that breeders/growers with true cuts of the plant needed to distinguish themselves and their weed from all the other Kush phenotypes. OG Kush was how they referred to a weed strain that’s true to the original creation.  

An OG Kush strain cola shows thick, bright green buds against a black backdrop.

Growing OG Kush  

This famous strain grows best in warm, dry climates at temperatures ranging between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Its sensitivity to mold and mildew means you need to prune the plants regularly for optimal light penetration and airflow. You know it’s time to water the plants when the top layer of soil feels dry, otherwise, avoid overwatering.    

Proper growing techniques include providing a well-balanced, nutrient-rich soil mix throughout its growth cycle for the best harvest results. OG Kush requires around 18 hours of light each day during the vegetative growth stage and 12 hours of light during the blooming stage. Its lengthy flowering period takes around 8-10 weeks.  

OG Kush is not for amateur growers. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, its moderate yields require time, patience, and know-how. But the potent, high-quality buds you’re rewarded with after a successful harvest makes growing this legendary strain more than worth it.  

Plants from the OG Kush strain are roped together in a grow room with red lights in the ceiling.

The OG Kush strain is best grown by pros.   

How does OG Kush smell and taste? 

OG Kush has a complex aroma, as it brings together the scents of citrus, diesel, funk, and peppery spice. It is a great example of how a cannabis strain can smell so many different ways that it’s hard to put it under a single umbrella. Because of this, “Kush/Kushy” has grown into somewhat of its own aroma and flavor category.  

For most consumers across the internet, OG Kush terps are described as piney, woody, earthy, and lemony.    

OG Kush’s terpene profile has the hoppy, lemongrass, and mango touches of myrcene: the citrus notes of limonene, which you also find in lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits; the spice of caryophyllene like the kind commonly found in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon; and linalool, the chemical behind the aroma of lavender, roses, grapes, and laurel.   

Two weed pens carrying distillate derived from the OG Kush strain are showcased with their black, green, and purple box.

What are OG Kush effects?   

Testing up to 26% THC, OG Kush typically provides the ultimate euphoria. It gets you extremely high, without necessarily being couch-locking, so in the end, you will probably feel goofy and loose. Most people described its effects as relaxed, happy, and giggly.   

OG Kush is an excellent strain for anyone that wants to get super high and laugh for hours. If you need a vacation from the ills of life, this cultivar is an excellent choice.  

Variations in our physical makeup, tolerance levels, and endocannabinoid systems (ECS) aside, OG Kush is generally known for inducing more of a cerebral experience than a body high. Variations in our physical makeup, tolerance levels, and endocannabinoid systems (ECS) aside, OG Kush is generally known for inducing more of a cerebral experience than a body high.  

Weed vape pods with live resin derived from the OG Kush strain are showcased next to their gold, purple and black box.

  Live resin pods capture OG Kush's true terpene profile.

Upon consumption, users report on a heavy high that seeps straight into their face within a quick fifteen minutes, leaving them feeling the ultimate euphoria which erases any trace of a bad mood. It is the exact type of experience that consumers assume balanced hybrids to provide.    

Always buy OG Kush from top-shelf brands if you want that perfect feel-good high from a funky flower or extract. It’s the best way to ensure that you have the experience that Josh D intended the world to enjoy. 

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