Strawnana Strain: Fruity Fusion

There are many notable flavor profiles in the world of weed strains, from sour candy to diesel gas. Whether you like something skunky and dank or herbaceous and sweet, there’s something for you. 

One deliciously decadent strain of cannabis flower appealing to fruit fans is Strawnana. Also known as Strawberry Banana, this hybrid cultivar is as tasty as it is potent. Known for its mellow, relaxing effects and delightful aroma, Strawnana was an instant hit when it first debuted, taking first place in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Curious about what makes Strawnana so phenomenal? From terpene profile to cultivation tips, read on for our complete breakdown. 

Strawnana Strain Guide

A strawberry-shaped nug of cannabis flower from the Strawnana weed strain sits in front of a white background.

How to grow the Strawnana strain

The strawnana strain is considered to be relatively low maintenance for growers. It can be cultivated from seed or clone.

Once planted, strawnana cannabis plants typically take nine to ten weeks to flower. Delicate care must be taken during the life cycle to promote higher yields. This includes maintaining a humidity of around 50%, offering plenty of carbon dioxide, and topping to encourage even growth.

Strawnana tends to have very resinous buds, with a thick layer of white crystals covering every nug. This makes Strawnana an excellent choice for extracts. But make no mistake, it’s also fantastic to smoke the straight flower. 

A few infused pre-rolls made with cannabis flower from the Strawnana strain lie in front of their green-capped jar.

Strawnana strain genetics

Strawnana was initially the brainchild of DNA Genetics, which crossed Banana Kush with the strawberry phenotype of Bubble Gum.

Banana Kush’s lineage includes the famed Haze, Skunk, and Hindu Kush strains. The result is a euphoric yet chill buzz perfect for any occasion.

Bubble Gum, Strawnana’s other parent, has a murkier family tree. However, it is thought to be a descendant of the Afghani landrace strain. Bubble Gum is an indica-dominant hybrid, so while it’s a bit stonier than Banana Kush, it’s still surprisingly upbeat.

An infused pre-roll blunt with cannabis flower from the Strawnana weed strain lies in front of its green-capped jar.

Cannabinoid and terpene profiles in Strawnana

Strawnana contains a robust amount of THC, typically testing at a 21% minimum. However, this can increase if cultivated correctly. The strain of weed also tends to have up to 1% CBG, a minor cannabinoid often used therapeutically to reduce stress. 

The terpenes in Strawnana really make it stand out. Terpenes are responsible for the rich aroma, familiar flavors, and potent effects of cannabis and they do not disappoint in this strain.

The main cannabis terpenes in Strawnana are citrusy limonene, earthy myrcene, and peppery caryophyllene. The combination offers a berry-forward flavor reminiscent of a tree fruit smoothie—creamy, sweet, with just a hint of savory. 

This blend of cannabinoids and terpenes offers a pleasant high that is the perfect marriage of sativa and indica. 

Original THC weed vape pods with cannabis oil derived from the Strawnana weed strain are inside and outside of their box.

How Strawnana weed makes you feel 

As a hybrid strain, Strawnana gives a full body high that starts off cerebral but makes its way all the way to your toes. Smoking Strawnana will almost certainly put a smile on your face, with many users reporting it’s a wonderful pick-me-up.

Potent without knocking you out, Strawnana can be enjoyed morning, noon, or night. The strain is known to give people the munchies, so make sure to have plenty of snacks on hand before you light up. 

 Disposable weed pens with cannabis oil derived from the Strawnana weed strain are inside and outside of their box.

The best ways to consume the Strawnana strain

Strawnana is an easy-going and enjoyable weed strain that is great for any occasion. The flower produces thick clouds with a smooth and refreshing exhale. A strain that induces laughter, sharing a joint or blunt with friends is highly recommended (no pun intended). 

As noted above, the resinous nature of Strawnana plants makes it ideal for extraction. The terpene profile alone should make it a dabber’s dream. Weed vape pods and live resin in the Strawnana strain are especially tasty.

Whichever type of Strawnana you choose, make sure to purchase it from a licensed dispensary or delivery service. This will ensure you always get a safe and consistent product that promises to give you everything this legendary strain offers.  Curated live resin derived from the Strawnana weed strain sits within an open glass jar with a black cap.


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The content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your healthcare provider and local laws before purchasing or consuming cannabis.