There are hundreds of weed strains out there. From uplifting and energizing to relaxing and dreamy, consumers have the luxury of getting the effects they want whenever they want.

Long gone are the days when you got whatever the local dealer had. Nowadays, there are endless choices. From exotic cannabis flower to craft extracts, convenient weed vape pods to potent edibles—and everything in between—the sky is truly the limit.

One cannabis strain that’s been garnering more attention is Zelato. Also called Z’Lato, this variety has the relaxing vibes of an indica with giggly, smile-inducing effects. 

While somewhat new to the scene, the Zelato strain is already hitting the market in a big way thanks to its well-known genetics and delightful terpene profile.  

Want to know more about Zelato? Read on for our definitive guide.

A nug of cannabis flower from the Zelato strain stands against a black background.

Zelato strain genetics

The official origin of Zelato strain is a tad murky, much like many storied strains of weed. However, it is believed to be a cross of Z’kittlez and Gelato. Both of these cultivars achieved massive success when introduced in the 2010s and continue to be popular today.

Z’kittlez is a heavy indica strain known for its fruity grape flavor and particularly stoney buzz. A first-place winner at the revered Emerald Cup competition, Z’kittlez is a distant descendant of classic strains Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights. 

Gelato was the result of a marriage between the powerhouse teams at Cookies and Sherbinski’s, who crossed Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbert. The rich and creamy Gelato (also called Larry Bird) packs a wallop, slam dunking straight into your brain and down through your body in a matter of seconds.

A blunt rolled with indica cannabis flower from the Zelato strain lies in front of its purple-capped STIIIZY jar.

You can try the Zelato strain in one of STIIIZY's blunts. 

Zelato terpene and cannabinoid profile

Known for its potency, Zelato typically tests between 20 and 30% THC but can quickly get to 35% if cultivated right. The minimum THC potency for Zelato is 15%. 

Terpenes are the chemical compounds that endow cannabis flower with its enticing aromas, rich flavors, and unique effects. The primary cannabis terpenes in Zelato are typically caryophyllene, linalool, and humulene, with small amounts of limonene also making their way in. 

The unique combination of terpenes results in a smoke featuring hints of peach, berry, and woods. Taking a hit off a joint or ripping a vape will instantly transport you to a vast fruit grove, where you enjoy the sweet nectar straight from the vine.Two nugs of cannabis flower lean against a black STIIIZY mylar bag with the zelato strain.

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How does Zelato make you feel?

The Zelato strain effects are often described as euphoric, happy, and relaxing. It’s almost sure to give you a case of the giggles, making the most mundane activity hilarious.  

Perfect for sharing with friends, the Zelato strain is sure to get you all laughing at nothing in particular. Seek out pre-rolls, blunts containing Zelato, or load up an extra large bowl of premium black label cannabis flower to ensure the entire circle gets a fresh hit. 

Pre-rolls with cannabis flower from the Zelato strain lie in front of their purple-capped jar.

You can also find cannabis flower from the Zelato strain in STIIIZY's pre-rolls!

Growing the Zelato strain

Cultivating Zelato is considered moderately difficult, so it likely wouldn’t be great for a first-time grower. However, if you have a few harvests under your belt, you may be ready to give it a shot. 
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardens, Zelato is usually ready within 9-11 weeks. It gets somewhat tall, so small spaces are less than ideal for this indica strain. When grown outdoors, it’s typically harvested in late September. 

Cannabis plants in a grow room are held together by a network of ropes.

Zelato—making its mark

The Zelato strain may be relatively new to the scene, but with such highly regarded lineage, it’s already making waves. Offering peach-forward notes and an incredibly cheerful high, this weed strain is great for day or night but is especially fantastic for a night out with friends.

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