Live rosin jam and badder have slightly different consistencies.

Live rosin: should I buy badder or jam?

Live rosin is the talk of the town amongst cannabis concentrate enthusiasts. It’s solventless, clean, tastes good, and hits hard.

There are various consistencies of live rosin that people can dab, vape, and smoke. With the different consistencies, people often wonder if one like live rosin jam is better than live rosin badder, and vice versa.

Let’s discuss the two textures of live rosin, their differences, and which methods of consumption work best with them.


Live rosin is used to make solventless concentrates like badder and jam.
Which one is it going to be? Live rosin jam or badder?

What are live rosin jam and live rosin badder?

First off, let’s talk about the differences between live rosin jam and live rosin badder.

Live rosin itself simply refers to rosin that was made from fresh frozen plants that were then washed and processed into ice water hash through heat and pressure. Rosin made from cured plants is just called rosin.

Live rosin comes from pressed ice water hash that's been freeze dried.

Live rosin is pressed from freeze-dried ice water hash.

Manufacturers will freeze plants immediately after harvest to maintain the highest trichome density and terpene content.

It avoids losing volatile terpenes, which are the aromatic compounds that give plants their smell and taste, during the dry and cure process.

From live rosin, you can create a world of products. Jam and badder are the ones we are focusing on.

A rosin press machine squeezes bubble hash to make live rosin.

This is the machine that squeezes out your live rosin.

What is live rosin jam?

Live rosin jam has a saucy terpene-rich texture, so it is also called live rosin sauce. The soupy consistency has little THC crystals on top of it. It’s a great extract for dabbers worldwide.

What is live rosin badder?

Live rosin badder has a thick, whipped, doughy-like texture. Picture the dabbable form of silly putty. It is beloved for its malleability, which allows you to use more exact amounts of a homogeneous concentrate.

As we’ll see, that is why live rosin badder is the choice texture for “hash holes”, an infused pre-roll phenomenon that is becoming popular globally.

Live rosin badder is one of the most pouplar cannabis concentrates.

Live rosin badder is one of the most enjoyable cannabis concentrates out there.

The price of live rosin badder and jam

The price of live rosin jam and badder tends to be pretty much the same. At a price of between $50 and $80, you can find some great jam and badder.

What differentiates the two extracts is their textures, and the way you decide to use them based on those different textures.

Live rosin jam oozes out of ice water hash pressed in wax paper.

Live rosin oozing out and ready to be made into badder or jam.

How to consume live rosin jam and live rosin badder

Truthfully, you would mainly consume live rosin jam and live rosin badder by dabbing.

Dabbing uses a dab rig and a torch (or electronic heating mechanism like an e-nail) to raise the temperature of a banger/nail to a point that will melt/vaporize your cannabis concentrates.

You inhale that vapor and get a smokeless blast of flavorful terpenes and potent effects.

There are also dab pens, which are essentially handheld electronic dab vaporizers. You put whatever concentrate you want inside of them, heat them, and bam, you’re now vaping delicious live rosin jam and/or badder.

Dab pens are a great device due to their portability, ease of use, and discreet manner of consumption.

The different consistencies of certain extracts make them more applicable to certain consumption methods.

For dabbing, you can use any consistency, but something with all the compounds held together will produce an optimal experience. Live rosin badder is a great example.

In addition to these obvious ways to consume live rosin badder and jam, another great way to consume is to infuse your joints with them.

Live rosin badder and jam are commonly consumed in dab rigs.

Ever consume live rosin badder or jam in one of these?

Ways to infuse pre-rolls with live rosin jam and live rosin badder

Infused pre-rolls are basically joints with extracts added to the cannabis flower.

You can infuse a joint with literally any type of cannabis concentrate. Options include THC isolates, THC distillates, kief, live resin, and live rosin.

It is worth noting that not all concentrates are created equal, and some have higher quality than others.

Live rosin jam and live rosin badder are both high-quality concentrates, due to how they are made.

They are solventless , which means the original plant profile is left intact. They also have incredibly high terpene content, which means you’ll be getting the maximum flavor.

For infused pre-rolls, you would prefer to use live rosin badder over jam. Badder’s consistency, while still sticky and oily like extracts, is more manageable than jam. You can easily scoop badder from a jar and roll it around in your hand.

Pre-rolls infused with live rosin badder are very popular.

Live rosin badder is great for infusing cannabis pre-rolls.

This is why the majority of hash holes, a popular style of infused joints, are made with badder-textured extracts.

Hash holes, also called donut holes and snake holes, are infused pre-rolls that have a sliver of a concentrate rolled up in the middle of the flower.

When you smoke them, the flower will then burn with a hole in the middle of the joint.

The advantage of hash holes made with live rosin badder is that you get added potency, but also added flavor.

Distillates and isolates are only cannabinoids, so they'll boost potency. Live rosin is the best of both worlds.

Whether you choose to consume live rosin badder or live rosin jam, just make sure to always purchase them from reputable companies that are known for putting out high-quality concentrates.

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