Address: 3009 S Dogwood Rd, El Centro, CA 92243
Phone: (760) 531-2357
Hours: Monday–Sunday: 6:00 AM–9:45 PM
Must be 21+ to enter; proper ID required
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Store Open Date: October 28, 2023
License: C10-0001107-LIC

Elevating Imperial Valley's Cannabis Experience

Welcome to STIIIZY El Centro, your premier destination for cannabis exploration, nestled in the heart of Imperial Valley at 3009 S Dogwood Rd. Our prime location makes us a central part of El Centro's dynamic lifestyle, surrounded by popular local hotspots. After indulging in our extensive selection of premium cannabis products, like our renowned THC Pods or diverse edibles, why not enrich your experience in El Centro's vibrant local scene?

Right on our doorstep, you'll find the Imperial Valley Mall, a perfect spot for a post-STIIIZY shopping spree or a meal at one of its many diverse eateries. Looking for a touch of nature? The nearby Bucklin Park offers a peaceful retreat with its lush green spaces. And for those who love history, the fascinating Pioneer Museum is just a short drive away.

Accessibility is no issue, with various transport links connecting us to the wider Imperial Valley area, ensuring a hassle-free journey to our store. If you're seeking leisure, the serene waters of Sunbeam Lake are within reach for a calming respite from the city's hustle and bustle.

Personalized Care from STIIIZY El Centro's Knowledgeable Budtenders

Here at STIIIZY El Centro are our exceptional Budtenders, ambassadors of the unique cannabis culture we’re nurturing in the Imperial Valley. More than staff, they are enthusiasts and advocates, deeply embedded in the cannabis journey, serving both our loyal clientele and the wider community with passion and expertise.

What sets our Budtenders apart isn't just their expansive knowledge of cannabis products. It's their connection to El Centro's pulse, understanding the local vibe, preferences, and ethos that run deep in our neighborhood. They are the bridge between STIIIZY's quality offerings and the specific needs of our community, ensuring everyone who walks through our doors feels understood, valued, and part of our extended family.

Cannabis Culture in Imperial Valley

STIIIZY is pioneering a new horizon in the cannabis scene right here in Imperial Valley. Our El Centro dispensary stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and community engagement, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the local area.

From the moment you step into STIIIZY El Centro, you're not just entering a store but becoming a part of our family. We've rooted ourselves deeply in the community fabric, embracing the unique vitality and warmth that defines El Centro. This connection drives our commitment to offering not only premium cannabis products but also a hub for cultural and community enrichment.

Beyond our doors, STIIIZY El Centro extends its reach through community involvement and support. We're not just a cannabis dispensary; we're active participants in local events, fostering a spirit of unity and shared growth. Our dedication goes beyond commerce, as we stand with our neighbors, contributing to local charities, and supporting initiatives that propel El Centro forward.

Dive into the STIIIZY Rewards Program!

Love sharing cool stuff with your squad? Enjoy snagging sweet discounts? Hey, we're right there with you. That's why we rolled out the STIIIZY Rewards Program, tailored just for fans like you. Here's the lowdown:

  1. Spread the STIIIZY Love: For every person you refer to our STIIIZY locations, you will get 30% off your purchase on the next visit.

Note: The referral must happen in person, so load your car up with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, (whoever’s on your list!) the next time you come in.

  1. Shop and Earn: For every crisp $100 bill you drop at STIIIZY, we toss a $1 credit your way. Stack 'em up and use these credits on any of your future STIIIZY splurges. Wanna keep tabs on your credit stash? Just give a nudge to your go-to STIIIZY Dispensary Sales Associate during your next visit. They've got you covered.