Social Equity

When STIIIZY had the opportunity to get involved in social equity we dived in. Soon after we got involved we realized that there was more to be done. That "more" falls on us. Stiiizy is in a fortunate position by being leaders in the cannabis industry and see it as our responsibility to support the communities most affected by the war on drugs. We're in a position to help others and use our platform to stand up for a cause.

For us, equity looks like our community advancement projects, providing resources, and providing various opportunities in this space. Our focus and efforts are towards marginalized populations. Our mission is to aid in tangible access into the cannabis industry for communities impacted by the War on Drugs through our three angles: retail stores that are opened in partnership with SEPs, supporting products made by Social Equity Partners, and creating opportunities for communities and individuals disproportionately affected by war on drugs.