Cannabis flower has evolved considerably in recent years. Nowadays, there are seemingly endless weed strains on dispensary shelves.

While cannabis strains are debuting all the time to consumers hungry for the hot new thing, there are a number of classic weed strains that seemingly stand the test of time.

Blue Dream is one of these strains. Beloved by the cannabis community for 20 years, this sativa-dominant cross is a fan favorite thanks to its pleasantly cerebral effects.

Popular across the board, whether in extracts, weed vape pods, or good old flower, the Blue Dream strain is consistently a best-seller.


But how exactly did this weed strain rise to prominence—and why do people love it so much? STIIIZY breaks it down. 

 Blue Dream Strain Information

The history of the Blue Dream strain 

Blue Dream is a cross of original Haze, a sativa strain, and an indica known as Blueberry, credited to famed breeder D.J. Short. Both Haze and Blueberry were thought to date back to the 1970s, but Blue Dream took the weed strains to the next level. 

It’s not clear who first created Blue Dream, but it’s believed to have emerged in Santa Cruz, California in 2003. The strain was an immediate hit with growers thanks to its relative ease and big yields while smokers loved its mellow and happy buzz.

Blue Dream is incredibly popular in legal cannabis markets across the country but remains especially abundant in Santa Cruz where it’s considered the region’s original landrace strain.

The strain has seen several pop culture shout-outs over the years. Rapper Juicy J released the mixtape Blue Dream & Lean in 2011, while Weezer and Prometheus Brown both put out odes to the legendary Blue Dream strain in 2021. 

A large cannabis flower nug from the blue dream strain of weed is illuminated by daylight.

What cannabinoids and terpenes are in Blue Dream?

The Blue Dream strain tends to test around 18% THC and up to 1% CBD, but the THC numbers can be higher depending on the harvest. However, many consumers enjoy Blue Dream because the high is less intense but just as enjoyable as strains over 30% THC.

The flavor profile of Blue Dream is predominately berry-forward with herbaceous notes and hints of cheese. There is usually a robust combination of terpenes , with the most prevalent being myrcene. Pinene and caryophyllene are often present while terpinolene rounds out the profile. 

Blue Dream strain effects

Blue Dream is a quintessential hybrid. Its indica side offers relaxation without knocking you out, while the sativa genetics present leave you energized and smiley minus the racing thoughts. It's often touted for its creative, uplifting, and satisfying effects that leave folks feeling floaty in all the best ways.

The Blue Dream buzz tends to hit right behind the eyes and lingers lightly around the brain, reminiscent of the hybrid strain Headband. Blue Dream is perfect for any occasion, whether gearing up for a hike with friends, garnering inspiration for an art project, or unwinding in front of the TV after a long day. 

blue dream cannabis with logo

Cultivating Blue Dream 

Home growers and commercial cultivators alike adore the Blue Dream strain thanks to its relative ease and big yields.

True Blue Dream is thought to be a clone-only variety. It sees bursts of bushy growth during both the vegetative and flowering stages, reaching the latter within eight to ten weeks on average. 

Blue Dream tends to be naturally resistant to powdery mildew but its large dense colas are susceptible to bud rot. To avoid this, experts recommend “topping” the plants several times prior to the flowering stage, forcing the plant to develop multiple colas. 

Under perfect conditions, Blue Dream strains yield upwards of 20 ounces per plant. This abundant harvest, combined with the strain’s ability to thrive indoors and outdoors, makes it great for growers of all skill sets. 

Even famed cannabis cultivation guru Ed Rosenthal has touted the strain, calling out Blue Dream by name in his most recent version of the Cannabis Grower's Handbook.


“Blue Dream is considerably easier,” he says. “It’s an odd combination that gave it a more than moderate yield in less time.” 

Someone wearing a blue glove touches the leaves of a cannabis flower in a dark room.

Blue Dream: a strain for the ages 

From cannabis newbies to connoisseurs and everyone in between, Blue Dream appeals to the marijuana masses across the board. A perfect balance of sativa and indica, Blue Dream offers euphoric yet serene effects, putting consumers in a Zen-like state of bliss.  

Most weed strains are a dime a dozen, coming in hot and then fading into obscurity as new crosses hit the scene. Blue Dream however is a diamond in the rough, maintaining its revered status for two decades with no signs of stopping anytime soon. 


A large nug of cannabis flower from the blue dream strain is placed against a black backdrop.

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