A large colorful weed dispensary wtih a black STIIIZY sign in the back sells a wide variety of cannabis products.


If you’re buying weed, you’ve got two options: legally and illegally. Illegally, you put yourself at risk of being arrested (still), as well as putting your health at risk from consuming products that could be made with harmful chemicals and poor quality.

Shopping at a weed dispensary protects you from these issues, in addition to many other perks. Let’s discuss them.

The facade of a weed dispensary has a black and white mosaic painted over it.

The benefits of buying cannabis at a weed dispensary 

A dispensary is a store for purchasing legal cannabis, i.e. the weed store. Cannabis dispensaries are great places to develop relationships with plants by trying many different strains of weed. You can build relationships with budtenders as they begin to learn your preferences and can give you personalized product suggestions.

Not every dispensary is the same though, just like not every coffee shop or restaurant is the same. Choosing the best weed dispensary comes down to many factors: the variety of cannabis strains and products available; the availability of knowledgeable budtenders there to help you; location; price; special offers; and the overall customer experience.

Once you’ve found a spot you trust,  here are 6 benefits you’ll enjoy for shopping there, which you won’t experience when buying on the streets.

A weed dispensary with an orange painting of a bridge on the wall sells cannabis product in its glass counters.

Legal access to cannabis

The biggest benefit of shopping at dispensaries is that you can’t get arrested for buying or being in possession of weed there. Products on the street, in sandwich bags and jars with no type of verifiable legality, can still bring heavy fines and even jail time. Yup, even with adult-use cannabis being legal in nineteen states (and counting).

Protect yourself from incarceration; buy weed at dispensaries.

A woman selects cannabis flower form a variety of options on a tablet screen at a weed dispensary.

The variety of products

Dispensaries offer a wide variety of products and cannabis strains, so each time you shop at one, you can walk out with a whole smorgasbord of ways to get high. On a good day, you can walk out with some cannabis flower, some dabs, and a quick vape pen for the ride home.

Additionally, you can get edibles, tinctures, and even transdermal patches that let you experience the wonders of cannabis in any possible way imaginable. Hell, there are even cannabis suppositories.

Whatever way you want to consume cannabis, you can get them at legal weed dispensaries, with the added benefit of knowing they are safe.

A spacious weed dispensary with colorful images of people consuming cannabis on the walls offers all sorts of products.

Safe, verifiable products 

When putting anything in your body, safe consumption is the most important thing. Products that hurt, or make you feel bad, are a no-go.

When buying weed at dispensaries, you know they have been through rigorous testing for microbial content, contaminants, as well as cannabinoid and terpene content. If a product fails testing at any juncture, it is on the brand to either remediate or destroy the product.

On the packaging of products, you have a QR code that will take you to each product’s certification of analysis. A COA shows the consumer the results of the product’s lab tests, and everything that will (or won’t, for that matter) go into your body when you smoke the flower, hit some dabs, or eat edibles. It’s possibly the biggest benefit of buying weed from legal dispensaries.

A budtender and a buyer holding glass jars of cannabis flower discuss the different strains of weed.

Supporting your favorite brands

If you buy weed at dispensaries, you’ll be supporting your favorite brands in a very difficult-to-succeed market. Between taxes and operational costs of making, moving, and selling cannabis, brands without big-dollar backings are absolutely drowning.

Buying weed from them, instead of some random person around the way, helps make sure that your favorite brands that make your favorite products will still be around for you to do so.

Consumer loyalty programs

Most dispensaries have consumer loyalty programs that offer you discounts the more you shop there. So the more weed you buy from legal dispensaries, the more free weed you’ll receive in the long term. That doesn’t happen when buying weed at illegal stores or from a “weed guy.”

Not only that, but with consumer loyalty programs, you’ll receive texts and updates about new weed drops and weekly specials. In the end, they make the very high expense of buying legal weed a bit lower, and a bit easier to justify. 

Budtender advice

Lastly, one great benefit from shopping at legal weed dispensaries is that you’ll be able to discuss your choice with a person who (hopefully) knows all of the products in their store. Buying weed from other means is all about the transaction, but budtenders will take the time to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction for your shopping experience.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see that the right (and legal) way to buy weed is from dispensaries. They offer the widest range of products with certifiable ways to see that they’re your safest bet. Plus, you get to develop a deep knowledge base of which brands in your market are creating the highest quality products.

At STIIIZY, we only use premium flower for all of our cannabis products including our proprietary pods and battery system.